Salamanders space marine

Greatly enjoyed painting this piece. It was constructed by combining the recent sternguard and tactical squad plastics, which are both really nice kits. As an experiment I wanted to combine true metallics with a NMM style armour. I'm quite pleased with how it compares to full NMM in the hand, but as ever I find the true metallics don't photograph so well. The piece was also a good excuse to try a lava base as I've never done one before.

Posted: 16 Feb 2014

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Really amazing, inspires me to become a better painter myself
20 Jul 2021 • Vote: 10
Wacca the 3 you've given is a joke in the poorest e en compete and make the finals at the granddaddy of all painting comps is U.K. Golden demon is tough enough !!! He ,however has placed many times with his precise style of painting. This means that the toughest and most critical judges of the Davy metal team are impressed by and are SEEING the exact same beautifully painted models in person and are as magnificent as they appear in white dwarf and visions,on the net or wherever else you've seen them..def in poor taste regarding your 3 score.not nice bro.
8 Apr 2017 • Vote: 10
Wacca you gave this piece of art a 3 ? Can you justify that? I went on the site you posted. But found nothing to convince me. This is so cruel. A vote of 3!!! Its a shame. I saw this one before. Warhammer visions? Cant remember. Its so impressive. Nice job....
21 Jan 2016 • Vote: 10
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