Warmaster Orc Boyz

Long time no post but finally managed to finish these off although they are not the best and the photo is a bit rushed (usual excuses). Anyway this is the latest addition to my growing Warmaster Orc Army and they have come out of the mountains to join the Ogres. For those not familiar with the base sizes, each base you see in the picture is 20mm x 40mm with 10 mini's to a base. Being 10mm scale each Orc is about the size of my little finger nail. Enjoy and all comments are welcome good or bad.

Posted: 31 Oct 2003

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War Griffon
Nope I have sausage fingers as I am an Engineer by trade :D and bad eyesight to boot as well :D Thankyou for the comments all they are very much appreciated.
29 Aug 2006 • Vote: 8
Ye Ancient One
Stunning work. I suspect you have tiny fingers.
29 Aug 2006
Absolutely perfect. Hey guys, why this picture is so underrated?! This is WARMASTER scale, believe it! =)
19 Feb 2004 • Vote: 10
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