Angron the Red Angel. More close-ups

Hello, One of my recent works. I hope you like it. If you are interested in commission please write to: pisarski.michal(at) Regards, Lan

Posted: 27 Feb 2014

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Hot damn, that's amazing!
10 Mar 2014 • Vote: 10
It's a challenging one, no doubt about it - and you've pulled it off, with some style as well. I'm painting this mini myself at the moment and while I love Simon Egan's work it is *very* busy and hard to paint. I'm planning to pretty much steal most of your ideas :) Nice one.
8 Mar 2014 • Vote: 10
Impressive. I don't think I'd ever approach this mini: it's way too busy, and I'd be afraid that all the details would get lost. You have managed it!
7 Mar 2014 • Vote: 9
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