Warhammer Skaven

A Skaven painted for me by Mercer.

Posted: 20 Apr 2002

6 /10 (257 Votes) 6.9k Views

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I'll give this a 6 1/2 (rounded down to a 6 for voting). It's definitely a good paint job, but the faux black lining and smoothing that was done post production ("Poster Edges" filter in Photoshop, plus underpainting, it looks like) ruined it for me. I don't MIND people touching up their stuff, don't get me wrong, but I think it obscures the paint job in this instance.
26 Apr 2003
This definitely looks Photoshopped or something. 7 is all I can give without seeing a "true" image.
3 Aug 2002 • Vote: 7
I am not able to evaluate well the quality of the work since the image seems a little filtered by a software... confidently I rate 7! :)
23 Jul 2002
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