Haviland Tuf

Today everyone know George Martin as an author of `Game of thrones` series. But, actually, he is also wrote outstanding sci-fi novels in the mid-1970. Personally, i think this is the best sci-fi ever written. So here is the character from one of those novels, Haviland Tuf. This novel is a collection of related short fiction works, originally published over several years, beginning with 1976's "A Beast for Norn". So, who is mr. Tuf? He is exeptionally tall, he is fat, he is bald, he is smart, he is fond of cats, he likes the taste of a good ale, and he is the only owner and crewmember of 30-km long warship Ark, nearly-derelict `seedship` of the long-defunct Federal Empire's Ecological Engineering Corps. Tuf travels the galaxy, offering his services to worlds with environmental problems, and sometimes imposing solutions of his own. Well, those solutions are quite unexpected and original, oftenly... Now, about the mini. It`s done from the scratch. I used Reaper cat models and the tea tray with cups and bottle from Kinder Surprise, and fb ogre hand. Everything other than those are sculpted by me or cut from cardboard and plasticard. The Tuf`s figure is 9 sm long from legs to the top of his bald head. No airbrushing again - i was just too afraid to start my aerography practice with a single-copy mini. Yes, the space holograms are brush-painted too and this took a lot of time. And, btw, hope you`ll be interested enough to read Tuf`s Voyaging! I`m accepting commissions. Drop me a message, if you interested. WIPs, step-by-steps and more on my Patreon

Posted: 22 Mar 2014

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Haha, GRRM owes me =) This miniature sold around 10 of his books (or even more, if they red whole series)
26 Jun 2016
Think I'll be purchasing the first book of the series. Well done :)
14 Jun 2016 • Vote: 10
Beautiful piece of art ! Lot of friend doesn't like figures and scifi painting. But when i show this stuff, every body love the style and the painting. They says "it's look like Bilal or Moebius artwork !" Very inspiring !
28 Feb 2016 • Vote: 10
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