Samwise the Brave

This is a little diorama I did as a gift. It was not very easy to take a good picture, and put together a jpeg under 100k. It is the first time I ever used sculpy (no I never used it as a kid either), and my first ever diorama. I had a picture of Gollum in front of me while I was working on him, to simulate the discolorations in his skin. I also had my LotR FotR extras DVD on, and tried to match Sam and Frodo's costume colors as best I could to those pictures. First I tried to use the colors suggested in the GW FotR annual for Sam and Frodo, but even on my palette the colors didn't look right, so I had to come up with my own. Meanwhile I discovered lighting has a huge impact on color, especially in movies where they rely so heavily on lighting. The colors would look close in one scene, but totally off in another. I named the Diorama Samwise the Brave because for one, he was my favorite character when I read the books (yes I liked him more than Strider), and second his pose looks exactly like he is drawing his sword to protect Frodo. As usual, comments are welcome.

Posted: 9 Nov 2003

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"Filthy Theiveses! We wants it back!!"
15 Nov 2003
Very brooding image. Outstanding mood and feel! Well done :) - Glyn
10 Nov 2003 • Vote: 9

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