These are from the Deadlands game . . I really like Nosferatu in general ... something creepier about them than any other blood sucker . . . I also like the crawly pose of two of these though the "leader" looks like a constipated Count Chokula! The gravestones are scratch built in greenstuff.

Posted: 16 Nov 2003

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24 Jan 2011 • Vote: 10
Yes, this is what a vampire should look like! I too think the Nosferatu is much more vile and dreadful looking. I especially like the crouching ones. Great work!
7 Jun 2004 • Vote: 8
Lord Humongous
Lord Humongous here. Awesome. Do you actually play the miniature game or are these just for show? Bayou Vermillion all the way baby!!!!
25 Nov 2003 • Vote: 10
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