Orc Warlord

This happens to be one of my favorite Orc sculpts of all time. It is part of the Warlord line by Reaper, sculpted by Ben Seins. Very Detailed without being busy. It is the first mini I painted using all Vallejo GAME COLOR paints...very happy with how smooth and easy to blend they are. I was shooting for a "worn" steel look with the NMM armor...and I fell I achieved that. I am also happy with the axe. I belive it looks apropriatly used, but still in good condition. I know some feel that orcs should look rusty and beat up...but he is the big cheese after all and should have fairly decent arms. All coments welcome and appreciated.

Posted: 18 Nov 2003

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AJ at the bank
Nice detailing on the stud-work and weathered effect! Im not a big fan of the figure itself but I like what you have done with the overall colour selection and the face has turned out well. I like the axe...although the shaft seems a little thin (not your fault though!)..and particularly like the leatherwork on his forearms. This is excellent! Couple of points off though...I think his dreadlocks are a little weak in comparison to the rest of the detail ...and he seems to have an overall "reddy" feel..does this come from a wash?..maybe this is just the picture quality though. The base could use a little more work but OVERALL ....GREAT WORK! Well Done! Thanks for sharing it with us!
23 Nov 2003
I am glad to see you posted something new. Mr Humongous is just has axe envy.
20 Nov 2003 • Vote: 10
Lord Humongous
Lord Humongous here. Actually more like a 7.75. He looks pretty cool and the worn armor came out well, but I don't like the axe. I've never looked at this mini close enough to notice how weak the axe is. Should be meatier. And banged up, like all good orc stuff. Get ready for Evernight baby!
19 Nov 2003 • Vote: 8
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