The Bored Apprentice (close-up view) - Silver in MASTER fantasy diorama Monte San Savino 2014

This is a series of close-up regarding my project: The Bored Apprentice A great year 2014! In my official debut in the class MASTER in the international exhibition/competition of Monte San Savino Show 2014, I had the honor to be awarded in the category Fantasy Diorama with a Silver! Getting on the podium with a silver in the MASTER in a competition like this gives me energy and momentum to improve more and more. Now I do not have "Hope" but "Will" and work hard so that it is only the first of a series of general satisfaction, in competitions of this level! A heartfelt thanks to my teacher Matteo Murelli and to all those who supported me in the first place ... my wife Marcella for the extreme patience ;) The starting models are 54mm. of Andrea Miniatures (kit: Charlie Chaplin the kid and the tramp) modified by me in steampunk key. The watch is completely self-made by me with plasticard, except for the wheels on the rear recovered from an antique clock I've found from a junk shop.

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Posted: 2 Dec 2014

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