Firey Angel

This was my Duel entry for the 2003 Australin Golden Demon. I wanted to try something a bit more dynamic than two figures on a 50mm base waving their weapons at each other. It was inspired from classic sci-fi imagery, hence the bendy arms on the dread, these were done by wrapping soldering wire around a core of heavy coat hanger wire. I also wanted to have a flying figure that did not have a bit of wire coming out of an odd place or that was stuck to a tree/pillar. The flames were sculpted from green stuff on thin wire supports. The big challenge though was the lighting. I wanted to go a bit more extreme than " Sister Joan". The challenge here was getting a strong effect without background scenery to reflect the light. I kept the hot /cool contrast high. Almost everything not effected by the flames if painted in cold shades of grey. The flame itself is big and bright to provide a focal point. The sister is heavily repositioned and her head is scratchbuilt from greenstuff. This model placed third in its category.

Posted: 22 Nov 2003

9.5 /10 (1.7k Votes) 218.1k Views

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I remember when this came out! It has always been one of my favorites! I am glad to see it stood the test of time!
7 Jul 2021 • Vote: 10
Amazing !!
5 Jul 2019 • Vote: 9
This is a model that changed the hobby. It seems completely insufficient to give it a "10" when it's one of the foundational images in all of miniature painting. And what the hell were the judges smoking back in 2003? This is a masterpiece.
7 Jul 2018 • Vote: 10
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