Black Rose

I was experimenting with gold recipes and tried a green-gold on this one. Black is still challenging. I either highlight too much and it looks too gray, or looks not highlighted enough. This one is in the latter category. As always comments are welcome.

Posted: 23 Nov 2003

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Here's my tip for painting black, it's unorthodox, but I like doing it, it's sort of high goes. 1. Paint your whole mini until it's done, leaving the black parts completely NonHighlighted. 2. Do not Varnish your mini. 3. Photgraph it as usual, except place the lights where the light source in your mini is before photographing. 4. Using your photo as a reference, go back and paint in the highlights of the black in the same shades of grey that they appear in the photo...this photo is great example. If you look at her right arm, the black has a nice grey gradient going over the top of the forearm with subtle light grey-blue highlights on the elbow and the wrist bones. Look closely, follow your photo and paint in these highlights, it's a chore that takes patience, but if you lack patience, you probably shouldn't be painting minis in the first place IMHO. Hope this helps, great mini BTW the trim on the cloak is cool, very creative base, and colors on the gold,,,I really like the gold.
4 Jul 2004
Always getting better! Love the grey skin and the cloth is very nice... Watch out or you may end up getting a Fungal Growth :O - Glyn
25 Nov 2003 • Vote: 7
I really like this figure :) The highlights and shading could be more pronounced, she's looking a little flat, but I love the base. Very imaginative :)
24 Nov 2003

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