Ardynn D'Narg

The rock on the base is what I have to consider my first somewhat successful attempt at sculpting a rock out of green stuff. I also tried a slightly different skin tone with the cold blue violey grey, compared to the warmer colors I used in the past for drow. Comments are welcome as usual.

Posted: 24 Nov 2003

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I love it. The flesh is perfect. The wepon is realy cool aswell. The free hand on the cape is stunning nice job!
23 Jan 2005
anton kamui vampire
I like freehand on his cloak, great work!
19 Jan 2005 • Vote: 7
I would criticize the hi/lowlights on the hair, but I know how hard it is to get that stuff to show on a jpeg. Given the care you've taken with the rest of the piece, I assume the hair's fine in real life. The rock looks excellent too. I really like the colors except I'm not sure about the skintone against the blue cape. If the cape was a warmer shade it might work better. Great work with the freehand.
2 Dec 2003
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