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Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Category: Steampunk

by fluffy

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Paladin of the Order of the Wall

Paladin of the Order of the Wall

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#216558 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2007
#214992 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2007
Damm, those white tones are just PERFECT
#195485 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2006
Wow, this mini just came through when I was idly browsing looking or something to paint abount 3 days ago.... Now I now have 500 points of Menoth on my painting table, you have really inspired me. Fluffy, if you work for privateer press, pass on for me how good thier sculpts are compared to sh***y GW plastics, and of course, congratulations on an awesome paint job. You get 10 form me
#163100 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2006
Absolutely beautiful.
#114557 Rating: 10 16 Dec 2004
will you do my white Fluffy :> incredible!
#86312 Rating: 10 24 May 2004
This is truly an awesome picture. Wow. If only I was this good. Very very nice !
#86180 Rating: 10 23 May 2004
The longer you look at it, the cooler it gets. Great looking ivory.
#78152 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2004
j aime ce blanc ivoire, il y a une telle fluidité entre sa tunique et la cape ,les détails sont grandiose, c est un très beau paladin .
#75251 Rating: 9 24 Feb 2004
Fluffy is indeed one of Privateer Press' painters and that's her paint job there
#75160 23 Feb 2004
Ok...What's the big deal with posting pictures of minis that I've painted. So what if they're from the Warmachine website - I PAINT FOR THEM!!! Dorjakt, Noxagamus - If you think the fig is worth a 5 then fair enough but don't intimate that I have stolen these images and am wrongfully using them.






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