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I have a load of Golden Age GW minis on my hands. So, looks like it is time to put some paint on them. I`m really like that old GW style. Nowdays those 3d modelled stuff is all around, and they're good in many ways... But, still, those masterfully hand-sculpted minis have a really strong charisma. The Mordheim line is a top of this.

Posted: 14 Feb 2015

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Awesome paintjob on a truly classic figure; excellent NMM and textures. The base is also amazing, very "pastoral" and quiet. The reddish skintone looks a bit awkward, like an aztec or maya. Nontheless a superb mini.
26 Feb 2015 • Vote: 10
really well paint job. But why are the trousers so colourful red? And i would have been wish battle damage in the middle of the shield. regards David
24 Feb 2015 • Vote: 9
Excellent painting, that's the nicest painted old Citadel mini I've seen yet! The base is really well done too, I'd like to know how you did it. Keep up the fine work on those classic Citadel figures, simple amazing!
21 Feb 2015 • Vote: 10
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