Alenya Heska

This model is again inspired by some of the Sith dresses used in the SWTOR online game and Darth Nihilus. I pledged in the Wrath of Kings KS, the Nasier faction was reminding me of Old Republic Sith. Consequently I slightly converted my first WoK mini into a SW mini... The mini is based on the Wrath of Kings Alenya Heska (Nasier faction) miniature. A very simple conversion: I did not added the forehead horn and filled the tiny holes with greenstuff, replaced the swords, bended the robe a bit up and back to have the light sabers not contacting the robe. The sabers are just plastic rods.

Posted: 17 May 2015

7.1 /10 (52 Votes) 7.7k Views

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Nice color scheme, the red and gold contrast nicely with the black. It could do with some more focus however. To me it feels like all parts of the mini get the same amount of attention and therefore it gets a bit plain. Your brushwork is very decent and the choice of color is hot. Overall I'd say a 7 from me.
27 May 2015 • Vote: 7
I will vote an 8 for the idea and the little tweaks you comment, and a 6 for the paintwork so I am giving you a seven ;)
25 May 2015 • Vote: 7
Very cool!
17 May 2015 • Vote: 8

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