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Posted: 3 Dec 2003

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The Ghost
Wow, I didn't know they had bad plastic surgeons in the early dark ages, because the shading here makes these breasts look like the worst boob job Hollywood ever offered, especially as the nipples point south and northeast and the breasts themselves appear to bear the scars of being sewn on by Dr. Frankenstien! Also... is that a skunk clinging to the woman's loincloth, or a ferret? Perhaps furry phallus? The poor woman could certainly use some more fur, since that "snow" was obviously meant to be a desert. Which must have been where she got that tan before she was teleported here in that godawful turquoise and pink mess she's wearing.
7 Feb 2010
AJ at the bank
Madam!....Is that a sword between your legs?? Pray tell......how does it stay there?? Good colour selection on her inner cloak (nice to see a dual colour)...and excellent snow effect! What did you use?? BRAVO!!
3 Dec 2003
Hmm. Your shading, highlights, and dark-lining are all very dramatic. That's not a problem, as it does not detract from the miniature, but just a stylistic choice, I feel. I think it's well done. The face is particularly good, and the way you've placed snow delicately on top of the vegetation on the base is really nice. I wonder how cold she is...
3 Dec 2003 • Vote: 8

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