Alice, Queen of Hearts

My entry into Chick Challenge IV. I had originally intended to try to do a playing card base, but didn't have the time when it came down to it.

Posted: 10 Dec 2003

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dogfacedboy uk1
I like the cloak but Im afraid the base really sucks ass, rebase it using your original idea when you have time, it will definately add to your score.
15 Aug 2005 • Vote: 6
With the 8, you should get your 7.5!:o) P.S. I especially love the highlights on her red bodice. Very nicely done. Faye
5 Mar 2004
Actually, 7.5 and I like the color choices, but would love to see a close up of her face. How did you fair overall in the Chick Challenge? Great job!! I believe your rating of 3, from Archon is saying something like, I do not find the colors or face very complimtary, but otherwise she's good? I speak a little German, French and a lot of Russian. Not much use for any of them at the moment. Faye
5 Mar 2004
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