Blood Reavers Unit

Worked very hard on these, the photos don't do them justice! Oh well, I guess they'll have to do! Make sure you VOTE! I painted these for you all!

Posted: 27 Oct 2015

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Thanks for all the support and praise. Your all golden.
8 Aug 2020
Can’t believe I missed these lil puppies. The skin is wonderful. The dark grungy look you have given them suits them very well. They look mean and battle hardened. Bases are great in that they are nicely detailed but don’t detract from the miniature.
17 Sep 2019 • Vote: 9
Thanks guys -especially thanks to the masters "SAM LENZ (Samson) and CARLOS B. and a snote to all -THESE TOOK BRONZE AT THE YEARS CRYSTAL BRUSH 2016 IN THE FANTAST / steam punk CAREGORY!!! I now have 3 crystal brushes and hopefully I can keep my run going !!! ;) thanks all!!!
18 May 2016
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