Danu Warrior

I painted her as a fire genasi. She is my CCIV entry, but this picture is probably better than the one I submitted there. I spent the most time on the face to get a fire reflection effect. The axe didn't turn out as smooth as I hoped. I tried to go deeper on the shadows for the cloak, but I think the folds look more dirty than anything else. Next time I know to use more grey for the shadows. The colors didn't work out quite like I thought they would either. Orange on brown doesn't stand out that well. I should have picked a better contrasting color like green. I also used some green in the shadows of her firey hair, but that didn't come out as prominent as I thought it would. Next time I need to go bolder. I hope she is not too unpleasant to look upon. You are more than welcome to leave comments as usual.

Posted: 14 Dec 2003

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I really like her. The firey hair and the pattern on the cloak look petty good.Also nice face.
17 May 2004 • Vote: 8

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