golem -guardian of caves

This neutral unit is excellent for chaos on your table He is made from polystyrene by me Size of his base equals standart base for large creatures in GW If you have emotions or thoughts about this work, do not fear - comment :)))

Posted: 22 Dec 2003

6.4 /10 (85 Votes) 2.3k Views

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Äèíàìè÷íûé òàêîé ãîëåì âûøåë! Äåòàëåé áû ïîáîëüøå.
22 Sep 2008
great i love it! but yes fix the base ! hes real nicley painted too.
7 Jun 2004 • Vote: 7
Watch Galaxy Quest lately? Interesting mini here, but, the warped base sticks out like a sore thumb. Fix that, and I'd up the score a point. Also- if this is built from foam, why did you list it as a GW product? Joe
23 Dec 2003
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