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Here is some oldhammer again! Maybe some of you do not know, who Grom the Paunch is. So, this is the story. The Broken Axe Goblin tribe lived in the eastern end of the Mad Dog Pass, south of the Crookback Mountain in the Dark Lands. Grom was lured into an eating contest, the object tough Troll flesh. Determined to out-eat his opponent, Grom stuffed himself full. For days afterwards Grom lay moaning and groaning, the Troll flesh regenerated at a quicker pace that his digestion could break it down. He swelled up until finally a balance was reached. From then, Grom was known as the Fat or the Paunch of Misty Mountain. Grom roamed the mountains, plundering what he could, but no major strongholds were taken of the Dwarfs. Meanwhile his Waaagh! grew further with, among others, night goblins of the Red Eye Mountain and [[Forest Goblin]s]. Grom eventually turned his army westwards into the Empire and devastated Stirland, Talabecland and even going as far as Hochland. Dieter IV watched and did nothing while his population fled and sought refuge in the major cities. Nuln was sacked and the Palace of Gold and other great monuments erected by Dieter were laid to waste. No part of the Empire was safe for the Greenskins. This vignette is depicting Grom`s advance in the suburbs of Nuln, with hordes of greenskins swarming the deadly cannons encampments. The scene composed in total of 13 dead goblins, 1 dead dire wolf 1 maybe-dead troll, 1 goblin boss reporting, 1 giant cave squig and Grom himself, dancing on the back of his mount. Somewhere in the mess you can find 3 cannon crew bodies. Most of the base was sculpted from the scratch, but oldtimers sure will find some parts from various plastic greenskin kits. I`m accepting commissions. PM me, if you interested. Also, you can see the sculpting guide, regarding this piece, on my Patreon account. WIPs, step-by-steps and more on my Patreon

Posted: 30 May 2016

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fantastic old school warhammer. the mighty grom in all his ugly glory! well done sir.
26 Nov 2016 • Vote: 10
very very nice, old school style!
19 Aug 2016 • Vote: 10
Amazing work...really unique and exciting to look at..
7 Jun 2016 • Vote: 10
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