Mid-Nor Hydra Warriors (more views)

Just another mini

Posted: 18 Aug 2016

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31 Aug 2016 • Vote: 10
Wow - It's amazing how much more I like this piece than I thought I would just looking at the thumbnail. I'm not usually a fan of "mini-dioramas" (excuse my lack of exact terminology if there is such in this case) but this one is something I could have on my desk - for a good while at least. I lean toward "darker models" in general so it's nice to see a really well done "spirit-lifting" piece that is still a bad lil' dude if you will - as opposed to a female gnome or something like that. The colors going on in general are great and on the lil' guy himself are astounding while keeping from being a riot of color - excellent blending.
26 Aug 2016 • Vote: 9
Thanks for the comments, very happy.
26 Aug 2016
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