Carnival of Chaos Plague Cart

So, this is the beginning of the creation of my Carnival of Chaos Mordheim Warband. A friend of mine got me into thinking of starting again playing this great game. I always had a thing for Chaos and especially Nurgle, being my favorite god. This warband gets really into the whole Nurgle feeling of twisted happiness and despair. The plague cart is an iconic piece of this warband, not so much for gaming purposes, but it is such a damn cool centerpiece model. I have decided to make one of my own, since the original model is so hard to find. I found some great 3D print files for a circus cart and I put my 3D printer to motion, a couple hours of printing, converting and painting, the end result is the following. You can see more wip pics at my blog. I would really love to hear what you think!

Posted: 1 Sep 2016

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