Gnome Wizard

This was a rather small 25mm wizard, I cut his legs off at the knees to make him a gnome, and glued him on a nickel. This is the first figure I've painted in over 10 years. I wish I had a better camera, the picture just doesn't do him justice. He's got some liver spots on his hands, you can kind of see. The third picture appears to scale on my 19" monitor, just to give you a clue to his size.

Posted: 30 Dec 2003

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Poil à gratter
yes it is...your painting is too thick, your freehand work is not steady, but in my opinion, people are horrifyed by the face. try too put a nice skin base first (everywere), then put some shadows, and if you want to draw the eyes, they must be similar !! For your next one, before drawing flamme and stars, try to do a mini just with some nice colored clothes and skin (with many coat of diluted paint ).
8 Jan 2004
Since everyone seems to think this is awful, what can I do to fix it. Or is it just the picture?
6 Jan 2004
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