The Chaos Maiden

This is a third lady from my "Goodbye, Warhammer fantasy battles" line. Originally made out of great Nutsplanet 1/10 shieldmaiden kit, now she continues as Norska Chaos Maiden. Most of my inspiration comes from classic Adrian Smith art. You may remember it - that was on plastic chaos marauders box. Muscle-bounded men, wearing fur cloaks, fang necklaces, horned helmets (and some, uh... BDSM -looking stuff) going to kill some Empire wussies with those oversized axes and picks. But, sometimes, i guess, norse girls are up to that fun too. Surely. It`s boring to sat home, raising children and cooking proteine-rich food, knowing that THE MEN having all the glory on the gaming table. So, here she is. All the progress can be seen on my Patreon account .Everything is free, but do not hesitate to drop some bucks there, as it will be a big help for my future projects. Also, you can vote for her on Putty and Paint Other girls from the line: Dying light The dark half My FB page My Instagram Best regards, Ivan. see ya!

Posted: 9 Jan 2017

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Inspired to have my paint level be this great someday.
19 Apr 2019 • Vote: 10
Sharizal Zarie
looks amazing
27 Nov 2017 • Vote: 10
Amazing work. Simply amazing.
25 Nov 2017 • Vote: 10
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