All good day and good mood! The latest February novelty from Altores_Studio! F-75-035 DOPPELSOLDNER 75mm (1:24) Resin Metal (planned) Sculptor - Ruslan Vorobiev boxart - Alexander Kursov

Posted: 22 Mar 2017

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Alex Khorn
Thank you guys
30 Mar 2017
Love the colours my friend. Glad to see you are still painting.
28 Mar 2017 • Vote: 10
Exceptionally beautiful mini, great colors and attention to Details. I had no idea Landsknecht dresses were that colorful; great Skin tone and (chest) hair. By the way: No such word as "Doppelsoldner" exists in German as far as I know. Söldner indeed means Mercenary, but what´s a double mercenary? It may be Swiss of course, but I doubt it.
25 Mar 2017 • Vote: 10

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