Death Dealer II (full view) - 75mm. official boxart licensed by FrazettaGIRLS

Kabuki Studio's Death Dealer II - 75mm. official boxart painted by me and officially licensed by FrazettaGIRLS IlNanoNefasto: Death Dealer II complete photo Gallery Hi-Res This is the Boxart I've painted for the Kabuki Studio, the model representing the Death Dealer II, a well-known painting by the great Frank Frazetta (model licensed by Frazetta Girls). Is in a 75mm scale. And it is truly complex and evocative. This is one of the finest boxarts I have ever done to get on commission. Made with technique mixed: acrylic/airbrush (base color and volumetries) and hand brush/oil paint. The difficulty was to have this model (which is a three-dimensional object) with the same colors and atmosphere as the original painting (bi-dimensional representation). It was simple for the front view, that is the one represented in the picture, while it was more complex to imagine the "what happened behind" the protagonist. An interesting and challenging challenge. Facebook - IlNanoNefasto painting Workshop

Posted: 17 Jun 2017

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25 Jun 2017 • Vote: 10
Is it a paint or model? Incredible!
19 Jun 2017 • Vote: 10
19 Jun 2017 • Vote: 10

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