Jessica Thunderhawk

Jessica Thunderhawk, Scale75, Metall. Hello, friends :) There are some figures that you can paint once, two ... or four times. Jessica Thunderhawk by Scale75 - just such a miniature. It so happened that about once every six months I have the pleasure of working with her, at the same time, every time it is a copy of a magnificent box art :) By the way, I was asked why I do not enter my color combinations into figures from Scale75, but simply copy the box art. The answer is simple - as for me, they have excellent artists who make wonderful models to follow. Sense of reinventing the wheel? I hope that the figure will be delivered to the US in a private collection intact and safe :) All the success, guys!

Posted: 13 Jul 2017

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I've seen that already on P&P and I'm loving it. Especially the pants, skin and the leather corset. That texture work is just amazing.
20 Jul 2017 • Vote: 10
Lone Lemming
Simply perfect!
14 Jul 2017 • Vote: 10

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