Emperor (inquisitor scale)

This is a new Emperor figures, first part of my new project : the final battle between the Emperor and Horus in inquisitor scale. I took as inspiration the beautiful artwork of Adrian Smith. For this first figure I used the figure of Brother Artemis with a lot of personnal transformation. The next one will be Horus himself...

Posted: 11 Jan 2004

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2 words- BLOOMIN' BRILLIANT!!!!!
13 Jan 2006
profondo rosso
Please make me one, ASAP!! This is simply amazing...to see Adrian Smith's artwork brought to life. It's hard to believe that this was once Artemis. You really have picked up on every little detail and nuance and I personally love the claw and the shield on his left shoulder. The only (minor) criticism I have is that the pic is either a little on the low-res side or the paint job is a tad 'rough'. Well done :)
22 Jun 2004
amazing amount of detail and the armour looks very, very impressive.
16 Jun 2004
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