Tyranid hunter

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Posted: 16 Oct 2017

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Well, I am am member of CMON since 2003 so I do it the "old way". Glad I could help.
30 Oct 2017 • Vote: 9
Dear micha and ithilmere.thank you to your nice comments.I agree with your critic ..it s true ..the hand is innatural with the banner i should have fixed it before painting..when I found this mistake it was too late :-)..it was very common when i posted in the early 2000 to receive costructive comments and this pushed me to become a better modellist...now it seems that the situation here on coolmini has been changed a bit...-(
19 Oct 2017 • Vote: 10
Agree entirely with the comment above -(below?) an amazing bit of work with so much to recommend it but the banner angle really draws the eye. When you're that close to perfection even little things can really skew how the overall model looks. Thanks for sharing either way.
19 Oct 2017 • Vote: 9
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