One of my all time favourite figures from nocturna loved doing the gold nmm on this one. Yet again this did well at euromillitaire with a bronze 2016

Posted: 30 Oct 2017

9.3 /10 (30 Votes) 2.2k Views

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One of the nicest versions I've seen of this figure. Skin isn't overdone. There is light where there should be light and shade where there should be shade. NMM is well done.
31 Oct 2017 • Vote: 9
So much to love about this mini including following the whip where you had the guts to go back and improve on a perfectly finished model.
31 Oct 2017 • Vote: 10
I’m sorry Andy but a bronze is no small feet but after viewing the silver I feel honestly this was a more favorable choice of that merit!!! Anyways congrats my man!!!
31 Oct 2017 • Vote: 10

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