It has been a very long time since my last upload here. Well, this is my first paint work after a almost 2 years break. Made just for my own cabinet, as warm up, so to say, before I throw myself into the next commissions and competition projects. I entered Ezekiel in an online competition (20 years challenge) where I was lucky enough to make a third place :) Happy about your comments and votes :) Cheers, Stephan

Posted: 11 Mar 2018

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Awesome work on a true 90s miniature classic. The only part I´m sceptical about is the OSL-like eefct on the ground, around the boots - I just dont´t think polished armor would illuminate the ground like this, as opposed to an actualy light source which would.
3 Aug 2018 • Vote: 10
14 Mar 2018 • Vote: 10
Guys like your will always be able to paint award worthy minis. I’ve followed your work a while now- your Eldar pieces and duels make my eyes tear their so marvelous. If this is a warm up than I have a significantly strong feeling that your going to pick up right where you left off- winning accolades !!! Your a MASTER OF THIS CRAFT!!!
12 Mar 2018 • Vote: 10

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