Da Meka Dread

Scratchbuilt Meka Dread RC (6 legs walk him around). Led Light goes from Green to Red to shine in the incubation chamber for the Ork controlling head. Arms are all magnetized as well. Video: https://youtu.be/0jYdD_My1R8

Posted: 23 Apr 2018

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I should have said that the smoke stacks are removable (each just has a pin that sits inside the engine exhaust pipes). Was my first time creating billowing smoke like this. The photos reflected a bit much (they are darker with a few white highlights, but the photos sadly make them almost look metallic).
24 Apr 2018
Chaotic Creations
Awesome build and fantastic idea!!! I’m really not a fan of the smoke and think it would have been a lot better without it... that’s just my opinion though!!! I really like the suspended head, that’s really cool... great job!!!
23 Apr 2018 • Vote: 9
23 Apr 2018 • Vote: 9

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