Ser Gregor Clegane

The start of a new personal collection. Love these models.

Posted: 25 Jul 2018

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Dead Marsh Spectre
@TheLost - Thank you. The armour was done with a basecoat of GW Runefang Steel and washed with numerous black, brown, turqoiuse and sepia inks. It was finished with watered down highlight of Runefang steel and the odd edge highlight of the same colour. A little rust was applied with Vallejo pigment Old rust.
27 Jul 2018
Truly wonderfully done! LOVE the armor! Care to share your technique? Oddly enough, the sword being NMM and the armor being TMM looks pretty cool! Also lovin the limited color palette and base colors; everything blends well together.
27 Jul 2018 • Vote: 9
Dead Marsh Spectre
@Micha - No real purpose behind the NMM and metallic mix other than the model belongs to me. I don't get much chance to paint anything for myself so when I do I like to practice things like NMM sword blades. I'm still very new to NMM and if I had attempted the armour aswell I would have been working on the model weeks which is time I couldn't spare. @BAM - agreed! Thanks bro
26 Jul 2018
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