Blood Dragon Vampire on a Red Dragon

I always loved the Dragon that Imrik rode on, so I decided to get one myself and incorporate it in my Vampire Counts army. To make it look a little more menacing I covered it almost completely with new, greenstuffed, pointy scales and plates. Not only that made it fit better with the vampire theme, it also made it a bit thicker, which I consider also a plus. Besides, I added two trees, one being broken, another uprooted, to give some purpose to those outstretched arms of that dragon. More and bigger pictures, as well as the whole conversion process, can be found on my blog.

Posted: 13 Aug 2018

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Indeed a great conversion and a technically well executed paintjob. I especially like the trees and the bony plates on the dragon. The main reason I didn't give it a higher score is that the rider and the dragon are too similar in color. Some contrast between the two I think would have been an important improvement.
3 Apr 2020 • Vote: 8
Big thanks @Graishak!
21 Aug 2018
Master piece!!! Marvellous conversion and awesome paintjob!
16 Aug 2018 • Vote: 10

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