Space Wolves Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought

Arms and main weapons magnetized. Arms movable within two joints, Canopy can partly be opened.

Posted: 12 Dec 2018

8.9 /10 (34 Votes) 14.8k Views

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If I was being critical, I would say it seems a little odd the paintwork is so scratched up and rusted and yet so clean at the same time. It is quite cartoonish. I would expect to see more of the decals scrapped off, the stripes on the shoulders to be chipped off, showing the yellow paints underneath, and a general layer of dirt, grime and rust staining like that already shown off on the legs. Finally, I feel it could benefit from a bit of colour variety. Maybe a bit more yellow in the middle. Currently, the eye is drawn to the shoulders and the missile. But don't let that remove anything. It is an awesome paint job.
23 Nov 2021 • Vote: 8
Excellent battle damage, and great metallics. I agree the paint chips are bit too uniformy spread, but while it may not be 100% realistic it works great from an artistic point of view. The freehand insignia are great too. One of the best Redemptors I´ve seen so far.
21 Dec 2018 • Vote: 10
very very cool chipping and damage done. Super!
20 Dec 2018 • Vote: 10
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