Brambleloop and his warriors

This entity is known among grots as Brambleloop, fungoid cave shaman. When grot shaman sense its end, it venture deep in the caves to find rest for green eternity. Their bodies transform into mushroom and mind staying in forever trance like state. Now when bad moon had returned, all powerfull fungoid shamans awaken, ready to spread chaos and lunacy. Brambleloops presence is omnious, radiating with magic, floating on magic wortex. From the left limb he is blasting bad moon magic fire. Brambleloop is scratch build fungoid shaman in 50mm base for my upcoming stone throggoth army, closest advisor to mighty troggoth king Blaarg. All are my sculpts. Hope you like em :)

Posted: 22 May 2019

7.2 /10 (22 Votes) 816 Views

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This own created lengendary grot god is just awesome!!! On to the gitz buddy!!!
28 May 2019 • Vote: 10
Thank you so much :)
27 May 2019
I LOVE your creations. They are WONDERFULLY crafted, HIGHLY imaginative, AND BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. They are also very much like, yet uniquely different than my own Mushroom Folk. For me they are a source of inspiration. VERY WELL DONE!
22 May 2019 • Vote: 10
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