Sound of Silence

This is my latest project „Sound of Silence“ Instructions: -Read the fairy tale please -With every third turn on the crank another evil will appear clockwise rotation Sound of Silence -Decide which dark fate you want to face. Then open the box and look inside - Close the box, turn the crank 3x and try another evil The fairy tale: Once upon a time there lived a Princess called Elinor, who loved a stable boy Jamie very much. They loved each other since they had both been children. Their secret meeting place was a long forgotten well. This was at the far side of a little forest bordering onto the castle walls. It was there that they planted a tender young tree and tended to it with love and care. Over the years it turned into a strong Oak tree. And as time went by, so did their deep friendship turn into Love. Both knew that the king would never allow them to be together. So Elinor and Jamie both turned to the Oak. This tree was very fond of them and wanted to give them hope for their future together. One day the King found out about Elinors and Jamies secret. Enraged he sent his guards to capture the stable boy. This seemed to be the end of their forbidden relationship. The guards followed Elinor to their secret hiding place and quickly captured Jamie. During the fight against the guards, Jamie tried to defend himself against being imprisoned. But in a horrible turn of events, Jamie tumbled and fell into the well. Elinor could not imagine a life without her only love, and followed Jamie into the well - and to her death. The Oak was filled with rage and pain over the loss of these lovers. Bitterness and anger grew in it over the years. Centuries later the mighty Oak was strong enough to avenge their deaths. Which dark fate will the Oak deal mankind? You may decide... Video Link:

Posted: 17 Jul 2019

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