Halfling Blood Bowl Team

Halfling Blood Bowl team "Rusty Pots" PRO PAINTED in metallic colors, with an extra edition - Gordon Ramsey, aka "the only fit halfling" converted out of a Goblin Coach. Models are varnished with resistant Vallejo resin varnishes for safe gaming. Consists of: - 2 Catchers, 2 Hefties, 8 Hopefuls, and one Gordon Ramsey with a chicken - Bertha Big Fist (Rackham 'Fury and Orphan of Avagddu' ) - Willow Rosebark ( Manikin Warmachine converted with a dryad head ) - 2x Treeman ( rare oop Rackham Kamahru Reincarnate conversions one with a oop Halfling Hot Pot Cook ) - 1 32mm base for future special character project - 2 sausage-wielding turn markers, 3 extra “balls” ( painted in same quality, just forgot to photograph them ) - Transfer Sheet - 2 double-sided score coins Secure shipping foam fixating around the models so they don't move.

Posted: 10 Oct 2019

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