Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan 200mm; Box Art for Pegaso Models Italy; Sculpted by Victor Konnov; Scale 200mm, resin; The new figure will be sold painted exclusively by Attica Miniatures studio. The unpainted and unassembled kits will not be on sale for a while.

Posted: 11 Oct 2019

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Kurylenko Stanislav
Thank you so much!)
26 May 2020
Breathtaking paintjob; I dont usually comment on large scale historic figures, being a tabletop fantasy painter, but this piece is to good to ignore. I love the way you did the various textures, the skin and metallics. The freehand is also flawaless. Using real plants for the base also works very well and adds to the realism. Next to this, my best works look like.. well like Genghis´enemies looked after he was finished with them, I assume.
18 Oct 2019 • Vote: 10

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