Jotun Troll

Jotun - The 9 Face Troll From the Nordic legends he passed between the pencil of the great concept artist S. Moroni and the highly skilled sculptor's hands of J.Palacios up to my special brush giving life to this special Box Art that I made for ARADIAMINIATURES and their Kickstarter : HYPERBOREA You want to see more images follow me on my social networks. Thank you all for your precious support - you are fantastic!!!!

Posted: 23 Oct 2019

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The appearence of actual, living flesh is incredible here, and the way you handled different materials adds further realism to this memorable piece.
5 Nov 2019 • Vote: 10
Awesome work.
3 Nov 2019 • Vote: 10
The skin is freaking amazing.
29 Oct 2019 • Vote: 9
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