Pumpkin Jack

A really fun little bust from Spellcrow, a company I'd recommend for their service.

Posted: 19 Apr 2020

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I haven't been around CMON much lately. But now that I'm back a little I see you are still in this lovely hobby and have honed your skill very well over the years. A lovely bust, likewise lovely painted by you, Mike! Only thing that pulls it down a bit for me is the paper (?) nameplate. You may concider replacing it with a sign made of brass or even freehand it yourself onto that plinth. Or maybe some design, that looks like a pell or a treasure map. Well, just some ideas.
20 Dec 2022 • Vote: 10
What a cool mini!
7 May 2020 • Vote: 8
ten ball
Nice work Mike
22 Apr 2020 • Vote: 9
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