Chaos Champion of Slaanesh

we present: Mounted Champion of Slaanesh .

Posted: 9 Feb 2004

8.5 /10 (190 Votes) 6.9k Views

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Tony Manero
aaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh what is this piece of crappp!! horrible paint and horrible model!!!!! bleahhhhhhhhh (joking :D) well it's wonderfull... my god....
31 Aug 2005 • Vote: 10
I really like the "stripey" theme on the armour and such but I think it's too much on the worm. I think you were trying to add too much texture where there is no texture on the fig.
11 Feb 2005
Great work! Infact... I WANT ONE! ^_^
8 Feb 2005
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