Ogre by SMM

Not very minis are painted by me these days, mostly as I spend more time away from home than at home so my spare time is spent doing other stuff. I still like to paint when I can and every now and then I produce something I actually like, this is one such mini. I like it I hope you do too.

Posted: 7 Sep 2020

7.2 /10 (15 Votes) 471 Views

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Thanks alot, I just can’t seem to get decent photos of this one no matter what set up I use. As ever it’s another great Scibor miniature.
5 May 2021 • Vote: 10
Everything about this model is good, but I was especially impressed by the fact that you painted the fingernails and eyes. The base is excellent as well. I think the torso and the cape look a little flat in places. Overall really great work.
8 Sep 2020 • Vote: 8

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