Three Story Inn (25mm scale)

This is one of Flying Tricycle's fabulous building kits. It's laser-cut wood so the detail is pretty fantastic. The photos on their own website don't really do the kits justice because you have to see all of the engraved lines in the floor to really appreciate the kit. The day these arrived in our shop everybody was ooing and ahhing over them.

Posted: 11 May 2002

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Rene le Bon
Wow, what a nice terrain piece! I'm pretty familiar with renaissance era european houses, and I would only add that shutters would be very appropriate for this model!
1 Sep 2002 • Vote: 8
The link is to the website for my game store - Griffon Games. Yeah, there's enough room to move stuff around inside. It is small though. True to scale so minis with 1" bases will be crawling all over each other.
14 Jul 2002 • Vote: 8
These look pretty cool. The modular effect is perfect for gaming... you can actually get in there and move stuff around! What is the link to the website you mentioned?
11 Jul 2002 • Vote: 7

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