chaos lord Leechwort - conversion

Head,sculls and right arm are property of GW .Other parts are made from polystyrene :)) If you have emotions or thoughts about this work, comment! ;)

Posted: 17 Feb 2004

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awsome...don't have any words for this one..its got skills, you know that?? ^^
2 Mar 2007
very nice job!!
2 Nov 2006 • Vote: 7
Matt Cexwish
Hahaha... Are you serious about that, Plasticcard Only, How cool is that...?...:D... I mean all these dude saying that Green Stuff is better than FIMO and stuff... there you go, you don´t even need a Putty to make Minis...:)... The Paintjob is a bit improveable, but the Sculpt / Build is a 10...:D...
1 Sep 2006
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