'ARDCAPS, Snotling Swarms

MIX OF GAMES WORKSHOP AND REAPER MINIATURES The 'Ard Caps, 3 Snotling Swarms Through a vision detailed by Snotgit, Skeezer launched in expedition into a side tunnel of his hold to find what Snotgit described as "Mushroom Spirits". After three days of marching through the darkness, the expedition was ambushed by a tribe of snotlings who attempted to scare them off. Not realizing that who they ambushed was only the advance party, Skeezer's main body soon arrived and the battle was easily won. Imprisoning the remaining snotlings, Skeezer threatened to put them to death unless they showed him these Mushroom Spirits. Another half a day trip deeper into the tunnel resulted in the finding of the remainder of the snotling tribe and three chained giant mushrooms, who seemed to possess a life of their own. Skeezer, always the opportunist, offered the leader of the tribe, Snigit, the option to join his tribe or die. Snigit, knowing what a good bargain is, promptly agreed. During battle, Snigit and his tribe herd these mushroom spirits against the enemy. Before battle, Snotgit harvests them for a small mushroom cap that grows off of their backs but is the key ingredient in his magic mushroom potion.

Posted: 26 Jun 2021

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Love it!
26 Jun 2021 • Vote: 9
Very characterful.
26 Jun 2021 • Vote: 9

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