Warmaster Orc Hero Eza Ardnut (10mm Scale)

Eza Ardnut took three units of Orc Boar Boyz and his personal Boar Chariot into battle and splattered three units of High Elf Cavalry not content with this victory still in his chariot he then took a unit of Ogres and Orc Boyz and routed the High Elf Spearmen sat on a hill. The Goblins who were tactically holding the woods (cowering amongs the trees) were so impressed they gave him the wolf as a gift the cloak he picked up after the battle from a dead elf as part of the spoils of war. Warmaster is 10mm scale, the cloak design is all free hand including the gem and was a nightmare to get right due to all the folds but \i had to do something as it just didn't look right plain. He is based on a UK penny which is roughly the size of 10 cents (Euro) or 19mm diametre. For the cloak I used the design from the Warhammer High Elves Book and added a few symbols in the lower corners, overall I'm quite pleased with the results. Hope you like him and all comments are welcome as always.

Posted: 21 Feb 2004

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Considering the scale, this is awesome. I think you should put something next to it so people can see how small this is.
23 Feb 2004
Jeff Hobbs
Super work! I paint and play Warmaster and know how much work can go into these 10mm figs.
22 Feb 2004 • Vote: 10

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