Hogwarts Diorama

Hello, I have finished a new Mini Diorama. This time it's Hogwarts from the Harry Potter universum. It's my most complex mini diorama so far. I worked around 5-6 weeks nearly daily on this project and try to push it to the very limit. I posted many updates on my art channels on Facebook/Instagram in case you want to check the development of this project. www.instagram.com/oliver_spaeth www.facebook.com/HonourGuard.Painting/ I made pictures of all steps for an upcoming Tutorial Series on my Patreon. It's currently paused but on March the new season starts. You can join now if you still want to download the old content. www.patreon.com/oliver_spaeth I made around 300 different 3D prints from many companies and persons. But the main 3D print of the diorama is the beautiful castle sculpt from Joshua Neil Arthur: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-hogwarts-castle-96148 Thanks for votes or comments :) Best regards Oliver

Posted: 31 Jan 2022

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chris adams
Profond respect.............
1 Sep 2022 • Vote: 9
It is the miniature masterpieces like this that will be the great art of the future, being such great art of the now!
25 Apr 2022 • Vote: 10
Amazing !!! Bravo :)
14 Feb 2022 • Vote: 10
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