Yu Huang Y-H9G - Battletech - Liao - 2nd Reserve Cavalry: Second Sight

A Yu Huang Y-H9G from Iron Wind Metals. I painted them for the Liao Regiment - 2nd Reserve Cavalry: Second Sight. I add some Cluster Effect for the LB-X Autocannon. The base is made with green stuff. It shows the lovely countryside of planted fields and a River. AR20-630 Tonnage: 90 Technology: Inner Sphere Unit Type: BattleMech Era: Clan Invasion (3050 - 3061) TRO: Technical Readout 3060 2nd Reserve Cavalry: Second Sight The Confederation Reserve Cavalry uses a camouflage pattern appropriate to the world on which a given unit is stationed. The second trims all machines and equipment in brass, regardless of the camouflage scheme. Per FM:Capellan Confederation, page 70.

Posted: 9 Jun 2023

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